Friday, January 29, 2010

a BIG day!

Today we had a burst of spontaneity and decided to head up to Hood.

I decided to hang out with Rory while Nick and Corbin went skiing. It was the first time Nick had skied alone with Corbin and they both did great!

All week I've been thinking about starting Rory on solids. He has been showing an interest for a while now but up until today I didn't think he was quite ready. I tend to follow my mommy instinct when it comes to these kinds of things. Well tonight I got the "green" light and mashed up some avocado. At first he was quite hesitant but not for long, he loved it! It wasn't long before he was feeding himself. It was super messy but provided for a good photo op!

Needless to say, Rory required a bath and since Corbin was already in the tub we decided to do yet another "first" and we let the boys bathe together (well, kinda).

It is now about 6:30 and both boys are in bed and sleeping (another first!). It has been a BIG day...

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