Saturday, January 30, 2010

blog again, blog again, jiggity jig!

In the car (and everywhere actually) Corbin is non-stop talking. He asks lots of questions (even if he knows the answers) and it really is getting to get on our nerves. Every morning when I get up he asks, "what are we doing today?" and most days I have no clue but he will ask over and over and over again, "what are we doing today?" until I figure it out and tell him and then once we are in the car he will ask, "where are we going?" a bazillion times.

I know he knows the answer. Before we leave the house I tell him where we are going, when we get into the car I tell him where we are going, HE KNOWS WHERE WE ARE GOING! But he continues to ask and for the 1st couple times I tell him and then if he keeps asking I start making up stuff. Like if he asks, "where we are going?" I respond, "down-town China town" or "home again home again, jiggity jigg!" he thinks its funny to drive me crazy. I guess he is a normal kid!

As annoying as it is, I love his age right now. I feel like all the hard work is starting to pay off. As long as he gets enough sleep and doesn't get too much sugar... he is a really great kid!


  1. Addison used to do this. Finally, we figured what that whole thing is about. They know they know the answer to the question, and they want to show you that they do. When Corbin asks, "What are we doing today?" Answer him once. When he asks again, repeat his question back to him. "What are we doing today, Corbin?" He will be so glad to have the right answer. "Chinatown!" he wil say.
    Let me know if this works for you too!