Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to begin???

Rory is now 5 months old, but it almost feels like he's always been here. He is a very easy going little guy who sleeps wonderfully and hardly ever complains. He's a booby monster and has taken to breast feeding a little too well, he refuses any bottles and so on the days I can't be with him, Nick feeds Rory with a syringe! It's a good thing I don't leave him very often. He is now rolling all over the house and has 2 bottom teeth!

Corbin has taken the role of Big Brother on without any problems and is waiting patiently for the day when Rory can wrestle and play Lightsabers with him. He is a very active boy who loves to make friends with people everywhere we go. He is always saying hi to random people and asking them what their name is... it's a little awkward at times but pretty cute too. Corbin has always been very interested in how things work. He is very mechanical and tries to take stuff apart with a screwdriver. When he gets older we will be buying him old appliances at Goodwill for him to take apart to prevent him from disassembling our good ones (hopefully!). Corbin is the kid of kid who can't really be left alone. He can get himself into trouble anywhere! He's always moving. We tend to keep him busy because he seems to get into less trouble that way. Right now he is in Swimming Lessons 2 nights a week and has a Preschool class once a week. We fill the rest of the time with trips to the park, OMSI, Children's Museum, Indoor Play parks, and the Zoo when its nice.

Already I have noticed some major differences in Rory and Corbin. Corbin never liked to be cuddled and was a very independent baby, Rory is not. Rory prefers to be held and if he had his way, he'd sleep with us every night. Rory seems to be using his hands a lot more than Corbin ever did and he loves playing with toys. Corbin just recently started playing with toys independently, something Rory has been doing for months now! Corbin has an outie belly button, Rory has an innie. I have a feeling there will be more differences as time goes by. I can't wait to see how they grow!


  1. Corbin saying hi to random people and asking their names is just like his Great Uncle Mike. HAHAHHAHAAHA So cute.

  2. welcome to blogging! i am so glad i have one... I love your boys- it was great seeing them and you at yoga this morning!

  3. hey erin! glad to see you've started one of these! I've it at the top of my bookmarks along with the Adelman twins.