Friday, January 22, 2010

Rory loves Corbin

No one thinks Corbin is as funny, cool, awesome and absolutely amazing as Rory. When Rory looks at his brother all I see are stars in his eyes.

It's super cute.

Rory loves every second that Corbin pays attention to him. He smiles and laughs at everything Corbin does.

Even if Corbin is prying open his mouth, so he can show you Rory's new fangs... Rory doesn't care.

He love love loves his big brother!


  1. Too cute! It *almost* makes me want a little brother for Camden (don't tell anyone).

  2. You are lucky. Most of the time, Addison doesn't give a snit about what Drew is up to. I try to involve him, but usually he is uninterested, which is discouraging. Oh well, maybe that will change someday.