Friday, January 22, 2010

Free at Last!

As many of you all know, Rory is a bit attached to me. He has refused all bottles since he was very young and on the one day that I have been away from him Nick had to feed him with a syringe!

I will be gone again tomorrow and the thought of Nick having to syringe feed Rory left me in a bit of a panic. I scoured the internet for types of bottles a breastfed baby might like and today went on a search for a bottle. Of course the one I really wanted to try I could not find anywhere so after the 3rd store, I decided to settle on my second choice, the Tommee Tippee bottle. Guess what? We have a winner! Rory likes it.


  1. Very good news! I bet that gives you a bit of relief.

  2. We all similar problems with Jonah too. I went out a bought so many bottles hoping to find the magical bottle that would give me freedom too. The funny thing is I can't even think of the brand that worked. I found it at Mother Nature's. It was a lot like an actual breast. That worked for a little bit, but then that did not work anymore. So, I too searched the internet and started giving Jonah pumped breast milk in a shot glass and in ice cubes to spoon fed and suck on in those net pacifiers. In the end the winner was the shot glass, then lastly the sippy cup won. Good luck! So glad you found a winner. Just wanted to share our journey from boob to sippy cup if it helps you faster.